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Friday Nov 30 @ Churchill's
No Cover  11pm 
11:00 - Humbert (stage 1)
11:15 - Rene Alvarez (sixo) (stage 2)
11:30 - Boise Bob (stage 3)
11:45 - 1-800-Pi-Phuck (stage 1)
12:00 - Jeff Rollason (stage 2)
12:15 - Submachine (stage 3)
12:30 - Matt Sabatella (stage 1)
12:45 - Brian Franklin (stage 2)
  1:00 - Madame Chao (ny) (stage 3)
  1:15 - Rob Elba (stage 1)
  1:30 - Alex Diaz (stage 2)
  1:45 - Ears (stage 3)
  2:00 - Father & Son Picnic (stage 1)
  2:15 - Laundry Room Squelchers (stage 2)
  2:30 - The Cake Decorators (stage 3)
  2:45 - Wolfie & The Fantods (stage 1)

3 stages for continuous live music in increments of 15 minute sets


Phi-Phenomena on Wheels

September 6-17  2001
 6 thur - New York (Good/Bad) 9pm
 7 fri - Philadelphia (DotDash Records) 9pm 
 8 sat - Washington DC (Moca DC) 8pm
 9 sun - Pittsburgh (Millvale Industrial Theater) 3pm / Columbus OH (Madlab) 9pm
10 mon - Cleveland OH (Speak in Tongues) 10pm
11 tue - Chicago (Fireside Bowl) 10pm
12 wed - Buffalo NY(Continental) 9pm
13 thur - Rochester NY(Monty's Krown)10pm
14 fri - Providence RI (Hive Archive) 10pm
15 sat - Easthampton MA (Flywheel) 2pm / Lebanon NH (AVA Gallery) 8pm
16 sun -  Lowell MA / Boston MA (Berwick Research Institute) 9pm
17 mon - New York City (International Bar) 10pm
Web Site  phi phenomena
PHI-PHENOMENA is an annual festival featuring 10
bands performing in one hour, each playing a
5-minute set with 1-minute breaks in between.
The festival was held in New York in 1996 and
1998, Boston in 1997, Minneapolis in 1999, Los
Angeles in 2000, and Miami in 2001.  The style
of music performed at these festivals has
included noise, free jazz, indie pop, electronica
and no wave.
PHI-PHENOMENA ON WHEELS marks the first effort to
take this festival on the road.  Approximately
10 bands will travel from city to city in a RV from
September 6-17, 2001, some groups were drawn from
the local scenes of each city. a few bands did full-length sets
as opening acts, then followed by 10 bands in an
hour afterwards.

RV:15 passengers
Kyle Lapidus(ortho)
Clay Lacefield (ortho)
Nouri Zander(ortho)
Finkbeiner(pengo / finkbeiner)
Joe Tunis(pengo)
John Schoen(pengo / finkbeiner)
Dan Hosker(doersam)
Andy Alper(u can unlearn guitar)
Rene(lrs / olivia neutron bomb)
Tanya Bezreh(newcenturyschoolbook.com)
(RV is 29ft class C - trip 2972 miles)

CAR 1 - Eloe Omeo (Tim & Samantha)
CAR 2 - Unconditional Loathing (Greg & Matt & Paul & Jerry & Matt)
CAR 3 - Dixie Prix / LRS (Gerard K & Tom G & Paige & Jeff R)
CAR 4 - Temple of Bon Matin (Ed Wilcox & Leslie Q)
6 thur - New York
address: 383 South First Street  Williamsburg, Brooklyn
time: 9pm
take: $222 

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Newton
 :06 - Doersam
 :12 - Eloe Omoe
 :18 - U can unlearn guitar
 :24 - Asthmatic
 :30 - Pengo
 :36 - Ovo
 :42 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts :Lotus / Vera Mere (Bob Schrepel) / Madame Chao / Xela Zaid

7 fri - Philadelphia PA
venue: Dotdash records
address:630 n. 2nd street
time: 9pm
take: $0
Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Eloe Omoe
 :06 - Doersam
 :12 - Pengo
 :18 - Ovo
 :24 - Asthmatic
 :30 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :36 - U can unlearn guitar
 :42 - Ortho
 :48 - Newton
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Demonophonic / Temple of Bon Matin / Lotus

8 sat - Washington DC
venue: Moca DC
address: 1054 31st ST, NW Washington DC in CANAL SQ off 31st ST
time: 8pm   
take: $82

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Pengo
 :06 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :12 - Doersam
 :18 - U can unlearn guitar
 :24 - Newton
 :30 - Asthmatic
 :36 - Ovo
 :42 - Eloe Omoe
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Rake / Lotus

9 sun - Pittsburgh PA
venue: Millvale Industrial Theater
address: 2100 E Ohio St (Route 28 South)  Pgh PA
time: 3pm 
take: $20

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - U can unlearn guitar
 :06 - Ortho
 :12 - Doersam
 :18 - Newton
 :24 - Asthmatic
 :30 - Eloe Omoe
 :36 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :42 - Pengo
 :48 - Ovo
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Lotus / Manheringbone
9 sun - Columbus OH
venue: Madlab
address: 105 North Grant Avenue
time: 9pm  
take: $21

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Doersam
 :06 - U can unlearn guitar
 :12 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :18 - Asthmatic
 :24 - Pengo
 :30 - Eloe Omoe
 :36 - Ovo
 :42 - Ortho
 :48 - Temple of Bon Matin
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts :Larry Marotta / Dixie Prix

10 mon - Cleveland OH
venue: Speak in Tongues 
address: 4311 Lorain Avenue
time: 10pm
take: $45

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Asthmatic
 :06 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :12 - Doersam
 :18 - U can unlearn guitar
 :24 - Pengo
 :30 - Ovo
 :36 - Temple of Bon Matin
 :42 - Eloe Omoe
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Dixie Prix / Scam Carnage vs Teenage Grandpa / Washout Corporation

11 tue - Chicago IL
venue: Fireside Bowl
address: 2646 W. Fullerton
take: $31

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Eloe Omoe
 :06 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :12 - Doersam
 :18 - Asthmatic
 :24 - Ovo
 :30 - Pengo
 :36 - U can unlearn guitar
 :42 - Unconditional Loathing
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Panicsville / Dixie Prix / Zenith Flytrap / Temple of Bon Matin

12 wed - Buffalo NY
venue: Continental
address: 212 Franklin St.
time: 9pm
take: $100

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Olivia Neutron Bomb
 :06 - Pengo
 :12 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :18 - Asthmatic
 :24 - Ovo
 :30 - Unconditional Loathing
 :36 - U can unlearn guitar
 :42 - Doersam
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Sound Asleep / Scrappy Joe

13 thur - Rochester NY
venue: Monty's Krown
address: 875 Monroe Ave
time: 10pm
take: $120

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Doersam
 :06 - Asthmatic
 :12 - U can unlearn guitar
 :18 - Ovo
 :24 - Unconditional Loathing
 :30 - Olivia Neutron Bomb
 :36 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :42 - Pengo
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Nod / Praying for Oblivion

14 fri - Providence RI
venue: Hive Archive  
address: 14 Olneyville Square
take: $60
Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Doersam
 :06 - Finkbeiner
 :12 - Newton
 :18 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :24 - Unconditional Loathing
 :30 - U can unlearn guitar
 :36 - Dance Assholes
 :42 - Ovo
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts :Cathy Cathodic / Lotus
15 sat - Easthampton MA
venue: Flywheel
address: 2 Holyoke St (Rt 141) Easthampton
time: 2pm
take: $55

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Doersam
 :06 - Ovo
 :12 - Newton
 :18 - Unconditional Loathing
 :24 - Finkbeiner
 :30 - U can unlearn guitar
 :36 - Django Reinhardt III
 :42 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Foot / Lotus

15 sat - Lebanon NH
venue: AVA Gallery
address:11 Bank St
time: 8pm
take: $93

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - U can unlearn guitar
 :06 - Finkbeiner
 :12 - Xela Zaid
 :18 - Ovo
 :24 - Olivia Neutron Bomb
 :30 - Unconditional Loathing
 :36 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :42 - Doersam
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts: Frosting

16 sun - Boston MA
venue: Berwick Research Institute
address: 14 palmer street
time: 8pm
take: $90

Phi groups / times:
 :00 - Doersam
 :06 - Unconditional Loathing
 :12 - Finkbeiner
 :18 - Stelzer & Talbot Duo
 :24 - U can unlearn guitar
 :30 - Newcenturyschoolbook.com
 :36 - Ovo
 :42 - Eloe Omoe
 :48 - Ortho
 :54 - Laundry Room Squelchers
full set opening acts : Xela Zaid / MC Cathy Cathotic / Jeanne Bressner

17 mon - New York
venue: International Bar
address: 1st ave & 7th street
time: 9pm
Final hang and beers 

Laundry Room Squelchers
An embodiment of obliterated rock and roll from
Miami.  A disharmonic convergence is derived from
traditional instruments, bizarre electronic
gadgets, and anything else that might help create
some of the most unusual junk sounds this side of a
train wreck.   <

Three peanuts in an electromagnetic DNA
duplicator, Kyle Lapidus, Clay Lacefield, and
Nouri Zander will change your life forever.
ORTHO has performed at Scrape and Pry, Free103.9,
Madagascar Institute, 12-turn-13, Fort Thunder,
The Flywheel, TT the Bear's Place.  ORTHO has
several releases on Noesis and has many
forthcoming releases and articles.

OvO is a open duo playing experimental music with
a very wide range of expression. From pure power
electronics to improvised grindjazz, from ambient
sounds to no wave the music changes for
situations, mood and guest musicians. Led by
Bruno Dorella (head of Bar la Muerte records and
a musician in several bands) and Stefania
Pedretti (of Allun), in the last 4 months they
toured Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey,
Bulgaria and Macedonia with such groups as Cock
ESP; NNY, and Rollerball, playing more than 50
concerts in a row, recording an album (Assassine)
with Jacopo Andreini, Claudio Parodi, Capoccia,
Hermit. For info:

Unconditional Loathing
Official Minneapolis noise
Unconditional Loathing
offers percussion/power electronics and female
impersonation.  For samples and
more information, access
Samples of work:
**Unconditional Loathing:
If necessary, I have an Unconditional Loathing
CDR to lend.  It's noise.

Pengo / Finkbeiner
Pengo is a three-headed avant/drone/noise/psych
hydra spawned in the toxic wasteland of Rochester
New York(a.k.a.-the Flower city). Many disparate
strains of underground sounds mesh to form the 
perplexing and at times alienating  music that
Pengo performs. They seem to have tapped into the
long standing outsider/freak vibe that has been a
constant in Rochester since the late 60's (See:
Armand Schaubroeck, Lydia Lunch, Coffee and Nod.)
 They have been described as sounding like the
following, Sun Ra, AMM, Art Ensemble of Chicago,
Throbbing Gristle, Couch(U.S.), Suicide, NNCK,
Les Rallize De Nudes and even Rema Rema on couch
syrup.  While Pengo is flattered by these
comparisons they feel that they simply sound like
Pengo.  The one constant in Pengo is change, you
will never see two Pengo shows that are the same.
Personnel: John Schoen, Joe Tunis, Jason
Birth: Summer of 1998, Rochester, New York. 
Releases: Climbs the Holy Mountain CD,
Miami Made a Mess of Me (collaboration with the
Laundry Room Squelchers) CD, Split cd with Pelt
and several compilation cd's.
Upcoming LP:A Nervous Spender fall of 2001. 
Brief list of bands they have performed with:
Arthur Doyle, Pelt, Melt Banana, Hijokaidan,
Solmania, Flying Luttenbachers, TLASILA, Wolf
Eyes, Bobby Conn, Jacopo Andreini Orchestra
For mp3's and more info please go to
Contact info via Carbon Records, PO Box 10718,
Rochester, NY 14610,

Asthmatic is not free jazz.  Asthmatic makes
people pay for Jazz.  Recent works can be found at:
Technical requirements needed are:
Two (2) Microphones, preferably not crappy vocal
microphones.  These should be amplified as much
as possible without feedback.  A DI feed to the
PA for a contact mic may be asked for.  Asthamtic
likes to be as loud as possible.  Asthmatic is
only one person.  Namely me, Nuuj.  For more info

U can unlearn guitar

When not rallying his pitiful troops and trying
to burn his audiences as co-frontman for the
no-wave magnates, Bunnybrains, Andy Bunny is a
sweet and nice young man.  In his fun and
informative classes you can unlearn guitar in as
little as five simple minutes.  From the
beginning of time, humankind has attempted to
unlearn the stale riffs and lame ass solos that
have plagued it's existence.  Now it's easy as
A-B-Q sharp.  "Unlearning has never been so fun."
- Time-Out New York.  "I never knew I could
unlearn so much in so little time." - Slash.  New
album on Freedom From Records in August.  Will be
available for private lessons after the show.
For more info contact:
bunnybrains@aol.com or by
phone 310-450-7485.

Eloe Omoe
Blistering bass and drum explosions from Boston.
sam = bass =
tim = drum =
+ blistering bass and drum explosions and
expulsions.  an atonal and arhythymic free
association exploring various modes of refusal.
+ no sing.  no song.  no shit.
here's what Mr. Velocity Hopkins had to say
after his first experience.
 "By far the big standout: Eloe Omoe.
  I had thought that they were a blip bloop
  electronic band but they turned out to be
  the loudest ROCK band in Boston. Amazing."
...and "rock" to him is NOISE to you.
Eloe Omoe are self contained (don't need a PA)
but require enough space for a drum kit
and bass cabs, which have 60"x16" footprint and
must be circumnavigable, and 3 outlets.
They plan to coordinate with the touring bands to
have a plan to have their stuff all set to
go before the phi-phenom starts.

Doersam is the solo project of Dan Hosker, best
known for being the former guitarist of Harry

a.   mother love raffle (the raffle winner is
invited inside my costume while I sing)--3
minutes each but I may have several costumes so I
could do like 3 sets as long as I had time to
b.  Tanya with Tanya (video+ultrareality
one-on-one experience)--ongoing
c.  tenderness (a video+nurture sleep
For more information access:

other groups:

Temple of Bon Matin   http://scribble.com/~bulb/tobm.html
Madame Chao   http://madamechao.com/
Consolidated Financial Highlights:
   City           Gains    Satellite Car Gas                    
New York .....$ 222       - 25 EO
Philadelphia ...$ 0         - 15 NE
Washington ..$ 82         - 10 EO
Pittsburgh ....$ 20         - 10 NE
Columbus ....$ 21              ----
Cleveland .....$ 45          - 5 EO
Chicago .......$ 31              ----
Buffalo .........$ 100        - 20 UL
Rochester ....$ 120        - 25 UL
Providence ...$ 60          - 15 UL
Easthampton $ 55          - 15 UL 
Lebanon .......$ 93          - 23 UL
Boston ........ $ 90          - 20 UL
Total .......... $ 939        $ (- 178)
- 10 train RV pick up
-  7  road map
- 10  toll
-  5  toll
-  2  toll
-  7  RV lav fluid
-  2  motor oil
- 36  hotel
-  7  toll
-  7  toll
-  3  towel rack
- 10  toll
- 10  toll
-  2  toll
-  2  toll
- 15  RV lav dump
-  6  RV wash
- 10  RV lav dump
- 161 xtra mileage
-  15 train RV drop off
Total  $ (- 327)
Mileage  RV Gas in $    Station Location
14125    (start)                 ny
14335    - 55                    phil
14685    - 63                    dc/pitt
15003    - 66                    col/cle
15340    - 69                    cle/chi
15460    - 25                    chi
15739    - 75                    tol/cle
16043    - 60                    buf
16247    - 55                    alb
16604    - 55                    eh/leb
16839    - 56                    bos
17097    - 55                    ny
Total  2972 miles / $ (- 634)
$(-178) + $(-327) + $(-634) = $(-1139)
$939 - $(1139) = $(-200)
RV rental  11 days  / $780 + 2500 pre-paid miles / $625 + insurance / $140 + tax / $95 = $(-1640)
$200 + $1640 = $(-1840)
$1840/16 = $(-115)
$115 - the cost for each RV passenger

Laundryroom Squelchers Euro Tour 2001

APRIL 2001 
tu 3  Miami >>>> (leave US fly overnight to UK)
w 4  BRIGHTON (arrive LGW go to Brighton TT 1hr)
(stayed with Dylan and Karen Nyoukis of Decaer Pinga and The Polly Shang Kuan Band. Started the day by drinking at a local pub, a trip to the Brighton (Palace) Pier then back to more pubs where we met up with Tim of Evil Moisture)
th 5  LONDON / BRIGHTON (LRS + The Polly Shang Kuan Band)
(headed up to London and visited the Tate Gallery. back to Brighton the show was at THE LIFT (above the City of Brighton Pub)  on Queens Road. DJ's Dylan and Cecile spun some hot tunes followed by a performance by The Polly Shang Kuan Band who also just released a 7" on Thurston Moore's label Estatic Peace. Also Air Traffic Controllers 2 did an abortive cover by Robert Pollard and finally LRS which included Dylan, Tim of Evil Moisture, Dave Pop, and an entourage of extremely drunk buffs and interlopers.)
fri 6  PARIS (>>> go to Paris - TT 11 hrs / 6a > 17p)
(on to Paris, an early train to New Haven and taking a Hovercraft to Dieppe France. due to a train station strike we had to take a bus to Rouen and then a train to Paris Gare St. Lazare. caught up with Julien and Misa at their coop space Doki Doki in Pere Lachaise followed by a couscous dinner and a local pub.)
sa 7  PARIS
(took the metro down near the Eiffel tower to the Yayoi Kusama installation followed by drinks at Batofar. later an all too hip Mouvement Magazine party in a commodious space near Rue Saint Denis.)
su  8  HAMBURG (go to Hamburg - TT 10 hrs / 7a > 15p)
(on to Hamburg to visit Gerard's friend, were he will stay for a few days and then head back to the states. went to a local brewery.)
m  9  NICE ( go to Nice - TT 18 hrs / 6a > 12m)
(I headed south to Nice via Luzern Switzerland. got there at midnight, checked into a hotel for two nights. Nice has great food and topless beaches, it is the Brighton of France.)
tu  10 CANNES / NICE
(a short trip to Cannes, walked up to Notre Dame D'eperance)
w 11 FLORENCE (go to Florence TT 7hrs / 10a > 17p)
(to Firenze, checked into a hotel, lots of people walking around and eating gelato all night)

th  12 FLORENCE / MILAN (go to Milan TT 4 hrs / 1p > 5p)
(walked around Firenze a few hours, then to Milan where I met up with Bruno Dorella at the train station. also met Stephania, both are in the group Ovo. headed back to their place where I met Koji Asano from Japan now living in Barcelona. we had a home cooked Italian dinner and lots of wine)
fri  13 
MILAN / BIELLA (LRS + Koji Asano in STUDIO AAA / Biella)
(we traveled in Bruno's van to Biella. arrived at gallery like space, we had an amazing Italian home cooked dinner and farmer wine. Koji Asano played first, laptop, live Max, a micro electronica noise based stentorian. next LRS with Stephania on guitar and Bruno on snare drum and myself employing a beer can, sports radio and harmonica. the 15 minute set was well accepted, after all we were performing in front of a group of people that are use to hearing music with a lot of reticent parts.  back to Milan for a short nap and a rendezvous with the group Hermit from Switzerland.)
sa 14 LJUBLJANA (go to Ljubljana TT6 hrs - 7a > 13p)
 [Noise Fest @ KLUB GROMKI - HERMIT (Canada), OVO (Italy), KOJI ASANO (Japan), UNI YAROH (Japan), LRS (USA)]
(Hermit arrived and we loaded up the van and started our travel towards Ljubjana. we arrive at a city with a mixture of old and modern buildings. we stopped and had some budek for lunch, kind of croissant like pastry, filled with ricotta cheese. we then explored the castle up on the hill that over looks the town. back to the squat like venue Klub Gromki we met Maljaz the event organizer. sat around and fuddled some local brew. first up was a local playing air-guitar with a boom stick dressed like a clown. next LRS again using a beer can and sports radio backed by a fervid CD supplied by Plutonium Pie (set 4 min), all blasting through a very loud PA. 3rd up was Ovo with Stephania on violin and Bruno on effects pedals. at clean up position was Koji Asano with a very loud and engrossing set. Hermit followed with their brand of electronics and violin. and lastly Uni Yaroh from Osaka Japan, who ripped the place with an encomiastic set. a late night barbeque and back to the train station for a 3am train to Venizia.)
su 15 VENICE (go to Venice TT 6 hrs / 3a > 9a)
(reached Venice at 9am, checked into a hotel. started walking around the city for hours, it is very easy to get lost in, no cars, boats only. had some gnocchi and burdino de leche for dinner)
m  16 VENICE / MUNICH (go to Munich TT 7 hrs / 13p > 20p)
(walked around Venezia a few more hours then jumped on a train to Munich via Innsbruck Austria. arrived in Munich and headed down to my favorite beer hall Hofbrauhaus. huge mugs of beer, jumbo pretzels, and roasted bratwurst with sauerkraut. staggered back to the station and jumped on a train to Leipzig.)

tu 17  
LEIPZIG (go to Leipzig TT 7 hrs / 23p > 6a)
 BERLIN (go to Berlin TT 2 hrs / 10a > 12n)
(got in Leipzig at 6a walked around town lots of construction going on, an old and modern center for the arts. took another train to Berlin, where I walked from the Zoologisher Garten to Alexander-Platz. then up to Ebers-Walder sort of like the east village of Berlin. I met up with Howard Katz Fireheart and John Pelosi a free jazz horn player from the states. hit some local pubs and did some recording, then back to the Zoo and jumped on an overnight train to Paris.)

we 18 PARIS (go to Paris TT 12hrs / 21p > 9a)
(arrive in Paris and took the subway over to Julien and Misa's place near Gambetta. then we went to join Andy Bolus of Evil Moisture for lunch at a brasserie. then Bolus and I brought a case of beer and went to Eric Minkkinen's recording studio were we spent most of the afternoon. then back to Doki Doki to meet with Julien and Misa for dinner.)
th 19  PARIS
(hanging out with the eminent Eva Revox as he worked on his nondescript mixes. then headed down to Chatelet to the Georges Pompidou Centre for an subterranean like electronica concert followed by heavy partying at a series of bars.)
 fri 20  PARIS / LILLE (go to Lille TT 2 hrs 3p > 5p)
(headed out to Lille for the day, check into a hotel, they have great street style like flea markets)
 sa 21 LILLE / BRIGHTON (>>> go to Brighton TT 7 hrs / 1p > 8p)
(made way to Brighton via Calais, arrived at Nyoukis Centre at 8pm, the party started at 9pm. after 3 hours of heavy drinking we all staggered through town to another all night party with live DJ's. I got to see Lennox Lewis get his ass kicked on TV at 5am. went back to Dylan and Karen's place where I had to surmount the roof of a three story building drunk in order to get in their place because the keys were locked inside.)

(nomadic walks around Brighton all day with a hangover)
 tu  24 LGW >>>> Miami
Phi-Phenomena Miami
March (8th thru 15th) 2001
South Florida Artist:
Laundry Room Squelchers  http://www.squelchers.com/
Dixie Prix 

Curd Duca (Kava Art Club) 
Dopee Francisco (perform @ Churchill's every Thursday)
Doersam (Dan Hosker) 
Jeff Rollason 
Mr Entertainment and The Tiny Show  http://www.newtimesbpb.com/issues/2000-06-01/music.html
The Greg featuring The Rick(ex Ex-Cretins) http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/22/the_excretins.html
The Suck (local drunks)
Churchill's - Thursday March 8th - 12mid
Cock ESP
U can unlearn guitar
Laundry Room Squelchers
Dopee Francisco

Patio Mob - Friday March 9th - 11pm - Churchill's back patio 
Curd Duca
U can unlearn guitar
Plutonium Pie
Roger (Monotract)
To Live and Let Phi-Phenomena - Miami - Saturday March 10th - Churchill's - 11pm
(11 performers in 1 hour - 5 min sets)
Dopee Francisco
Dixie Prix
U can unlearn guitar
Landry Room Squelchers
Juan Montoya
The Suck
Xela Zaid (full set)  
Mr Entertainment and the Tiny Show (full set)
The Greg featuring The Rick (full set) 

Dixie Prix Barbeque - Sunday March 11th 

Miami Beach Recording Studio & Beer Party - Monday March 12th - 9pm

Who Wants to Be Phi-Phenomena? - Tuesday March 13th - Boca Pub 
- 12mid (10 performers in 1 hour - 5 min sets)
Cock ESP
The Suck 
U can unlearn guitar
Dixie Prix
The Greg featuring the Rick 
Laundry Room Squelchers

Don't Drink the Phi-Phenomena - Miami Beach - Wednesday March 14th - Live
Internet / The Laundryroom 11pm est @ 
(10 performers in 1 hour - 5 min sets)
U can unlearn guitar
The Suck
Dixie Prix
Laundry Room Squelchers
Churchill's - Thursday March 15th - 12mid
U can unlearn guitar
Dopee Francisco
Laundry Room Squelchers

Past Phi Events:

Destroy All Phi-Phenomena
08-25-96, 159 Rivington, New York
Malta, Rexor, Woe is Me, Emil Hagstrom, Customer
Service, Sean Smuda, Foe Toe, (sic), Jeff Mad Dog

Me and My Phi-Phenomena
05-01-97, Middle East Cafe, Boston
Shriek, QXW, Gland, Tic Tac Toe, Cottin KS, Skin
Crime, Keith Broomfield

In the Valley of Phi-Phenomena
10-18-98, 159 Rivington, New York
Crank Sturgeon, Gaylord Pasternak, Cock E.S.P.,
Virgo, Bengaloon, Exercise in Disgust, Duck
Attack, 8 2, Homonculi, Sporangia

Phi-Phenomena is a Girl's Best Friend
07-25-99, Soap Factory, Minneapolis
Unconditional Loathing, Rexor, Buffo, Poet 1955,
Paul's Enemy is Bathing, Luftmensch, 200 Year Old
Wolf Pussy, Jindra, Octopi

Phi-Phenomena Never Forgets
05-31-00, The Fold, Los Angeles
Cock E.S.P., Gang Wizard, Erinys, |||, John Wiese,
Laundry Room Squelchers, Sarah Woodward, Wrong
Dimension Boy, 0


subZERO 2001
Saturday Feb. 24  1pm - 7pm
Third Annual subZERO Fest
No heat, no plumbing, just beer and unconventional music.
Presented by No Name Noise and Experimental Sound Promotions

@ The Soap Factory
110 5th Avenue SE Minneapolis MN 55413
(corner of 2nd Street SE and 5th Avenue SE)


1:00 Litigation
1:30 Jesse Petersen
2:00 Laundry Room Squelchers
2:30 late
(no show)
3:00 Blander
3:30 The Vig
4:00 Unconditional Cock
4:30 Urbandale Grimes Quintet
5:00 Sistrum
5:30 Skye Klad
6:00 Panicsville

Saturday Feb 24 @ Churchills
LRS / Antiseen / Cavity / Disconnect / Recluse Dna  

Since September 1994 Laundry Room Squelchers
perform almost every week at Churchill's after midnight
[ 5501 ne 2nd ave Miami / 305 757-1807 ]